Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Unscene Fashion Show KC

A while ago I participated in a kustom kulture fashion show called UnScene. I was planning on just sending models down the runway in all black with my pieces as the highlight. I got asked to model for a fellow designer in the show, so we actually decided to collaborate as well as have me model for her clothes. I requested I to be put in a Punk Rods dress to represent for the car club im prospecting with. We were both very proud of the end result. I pinstriped handbags and shoes to match her dresses, and I also pinstriped some pieces for her to screenprint onto each piece of clothing. Over the course of preparing for this show I gained a great friend and colleague I absolutely adore her work. Each piece she creates is custom fitted to the model, (or you, she can make something out of whatever you want!) Check her stuff out at saumfrock.com