Friday, January 9, 2009

Off the radar

So I have been fairly off the radar for the past year. I blame my lack of updating on my defunct laptop which magically decided to start working again about two weeks ago. I spent the last year working in an automotive repair shop, and while its handy to know how to fix cars, its not something that I can realistically see myself doing for any prolonged period of time. I keep getting called back to customs and body work, which fit with pinstriping pretty darn well. I'm making it my goal to be at as many carshows as possible this show season so I will be surely updating my blog with new work very very soon. I have alot of stuff that I haven't been able to publish because of my computer. And for christmas my mom bought me a digital camera!! So, I digress, the point of this blog is that im back in the swing of things.